The museum of the Martin Bodmer Foundation, a world-famous private collector library

Since 2003, the Martin Bodmer Library has shown some of its treasures to the public. From highly important Egyptian papyruses, precious medieval illuminated manuscripts and Shakespeare’s First Folio, to first editions of major 20th century writers, the evolution of human thought is presented to the visitor in this museum built by the architect Mario Botta.

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Archeological site of Saint-Pierre Cathedral

The archaeological excavations under Saint-Peter’s cathedral cover more than 2000 years of Geneva history. Remains of prehistoric and Roman settlements, the corpse of a Celtic chief or saint, important remains of religious buildings erected since the beginning of the Christian period showing the emergence of Christianity during the 4th century, baptisteries and the apse of the cathedral of the year 1000. Every step lets you discover the importance of Geneva in former times.

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