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Panoramic tour of Geneva

The perfect tour for your first time in Geneva ! You will discover all the highlights such as  the international district and the UN Palace, the lakeside and its famous Jet d’eau, the old town and the cathedral.


Along the waterside of Geneva

We shall walk from the Rousseau island to the “Jonction” where the rivers Rhone and Arve meet. Along the way, unexpected spots of untouched nature, testimonies of the industrial and agricultural past of the city, modern constructions on the right bank of the river will be shown to you.

Carouge, the "Greenwich Village" of Geneva

Very different from the calvinist Geneva, Carouge was founded in the 18th century by the Kingdom of Piemont-Sardinia. During this walk, we will stroll along the charming streets, discover some lovely boutiques and hidden gardens.


Chamonix Mont-Blanc

Meeting point of mountain lovers from all over the world, the town has much more than Mont Blanc to offer. When its first visitors arrived in the 18th century, hostelries opened and the city took on it’s heritage of tradition and modernity that we know today:  churches and chapels, Belle Époque palaces, Art-deco facades, chalets… It’s also where technical wizardry such as the construction of Montenvers Railway or the Aiguille du Midi cable car has been achieved.


Yvoire medieval village

On the french shore of Lac Leman, between the Jura and the Alps, is a key site in the Haute Savoie.

Fortified in the 14th century, Yvoire has kept its medieval walls, gates, castle and some old houses.

A simple fisher village at the beginning of the 20th century, Yvoire is now a member of the Association of the most beautiful french villages and floral prize-winner.

The tour leads through small streets from craftworkshops to charming floral squares with some wonderful views of the lake.


Historical visit of the Old Town

Geneva is mentioned in the De Bello gallico as the Roman town visited by Julius Cesar in 58 B.C. In the Middle Ages a bishop-prince presides over its political destiny and its international trade fairs. During the sixteenth century, Calvin transforms it into an Republic “humiliated under God”. It is recognized as a major intellectual centre in the Age of Enlightenment. It welcomes the first Peace Movement in the nineteenth century. The International Red Cross is simultaneously founded by a group of its citizens in 1863. The League of Nations chose it for its headquarters at the end of World War I. Remnants of all these periods are shown during a pleasant walk in the Old Town.


The battle of "Escalade"

The most epic battle which took place in Geneva. It was the very last attempt of Savoy to take the city, in December 1602. Spoiler alert: it does not end well for Savoy !

During this walk, you will uncover all the secrets of the battle, its impact on European geopolitics, and why we keep eating chocolate caldrons every December.


Archaeological site of Saint-Pierre Cathedral

The archaeological excavations under Saint-Peter’s cathedral cover more than 2000 years of Geneva history. Remains of prehistoric and Roman settlements, the corpse of a Celtic chief or saint, important remains of religious buildings erected since the beginning of the Christian period showing the emergence of Christianity during the 4th century, baptisteries and the apse of the cathedral of the year 1000. Every step lets you discover the importance of Geneva in former times.

SIG industrial sites

Visiting some of the industrial sites of Geneva such as damns, water treatment plants of the famous Jet d’eau will give you another perspective of our wonderful city.

Jet d’eau

Barrage de Verbois

Barrage du Seujet

Berges de Vessy 

STEP du Bois-de-Bay

Usine de Châtillon

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